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By ridding ourselves of the physical "stuff" or negative patterns and surrounding ourselves with positive reflections of who we are; we can move forward in an environment designed to help us be the very best version of ourselves.


Experience the joy of living in a clutter-free and systematically organized home with Simply Organized Solutions (SOS). Our team understands the impact an orderly home can have on your peace of mind and daily life. We aim to transform your space into a haven of order and efficiency. 

For these difficult transitions, we do have a Life Coach on staff just for you.

Space Organizing

Oftentimes the chaos within our home mirrors the chaos within our overall lives. Discover the best ways to efficiently organize your living spaces.  We start by understanding your goals, preferences, and challenges. This assessment guides us in developing a tailored organizing plan.

Document & Picture Organizing

The piles and boxes of papers and/or pictures deserve to have a concise and clutter free space that is easily accessible.


Life’s transitions don’t have to be done alone, or be sad or difficult. It is about making it easier for your loved ones.


If you are concerned or overwhelmed about the "stuff" then it is time to declutter to begin organizing.

Simply Organized Solutions purple and navy blue circle logo.

What makes Simply Organized Solutions different?

Personalized Approach

SOS’s goal is to pinpoint the most troublesome area of disorganization, while also noting potential future areas for improvement. To achieve truly positive results, you as a client must emotionally embrace the needs, benefits, and positive outcomes of organizing and possibly purging material items. 

Aesthetics of the Space

It is key that the design remains functional for your daily life. Using visuals, the SOS team will guide you to achieve your envisioned look and feel, ensuring your living space is not only visually appealing but also tailored to your personal needs and preferences.

Long-Term Benefits

You will hopefully begin to imagine your living space as a true extension of who you are and/or who you would like to be, with more order and systems in place to function in their best capacity.

The story behind SOS.

This is a lived passion.

From Michelle. 

In my home, I practice that everything should have a place. The nagging need to help others create an organized home grew stronger, and the vision of Simply Organized Solutions began to take shape.

Once I was confident that this was something I could do, I presented the concept to the owners of Simply Impeccable Cleaning and they embraced my dream with enthusiasm. For me, this isn’t a job; it's a calling of sorts. My goal is to remove the clutter, organize what remains, and allow you to embrace what is really important - your treasures (and important documents of course).


I hope your family and loved ones will see this transformation as a pathway toward collecting memories rather than accumulating stuff.

Simply Organized Solutions message to collect memories not stuff.

The inspiration for SOS. 

A reminder note

The Process

Organizing a closet.

Michelle's organizing project. 

Before. Her clothes were in four different areas and she knew this closet (featured in the picture) was a wasted space in her home. 

During. Updating her closet space meant she needed to purge the clothes she was holding onto and organize what was left for the best flow. 

After. This is her sanctuary!

Before Closet Remodel
SOS After Closet Remodel
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